Schermafdruk 2015-10-20 16.27.19

Screenshot from the video – Strechyourego

It boy Mikkel Gregers is the star in CHASIN’s Fall/Winter EGO Campaign #stretchyourego. Yet again the brands EGO iconic 5-pocket stretch jeans, a modern interpretation of the classic 5-pocket jeans is the star of the video. During Spring ‘15 the world got a chance to meet the EGO. This season, lifestyle jeans brand CHASIN’ launches a new line of EGO’s in slim & tapered fits and in the qualities: XTreme Stretch, Comfort Stretch and Sweat Denim. Offering the consumer  variable washes , such as indigo, grey & black and several shades of blue.

The EGO is again starring in a nationwide television campaign: #STRETCHYOUREGO. A TV commercial shot and directed by Joost Vandebrug. Main character in the campaign is Mikkel Gregers Jensen who has been ranked in the top 50 best male models by Mikkel embodies the spirit of the brand.

You yourself can also participate in the #STRETCHYOUREGO campaign by uploading a picture to Instagram with the hastag #STRETCHYOUREGO. The price? A night out in Amsterdam and party like a rockstar. Sounds cool huh?

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