This is Triwa video still

This is Triwa video


A couple of weeks ago, Swedisch brand TRIWA released a brand video to give some insight into the brand. The video  says much about Triwa as a brand as well as their innovative thinking. It also discusses the Triwa brand origins and the people behind the brand.

This is Triwa from TRIWA on Vimeo.

Some more about the brand:

Founded in 2007, TRIWA is a young and independent watch and accessory brand dedicated to transforming the perception of the status symbol into a symbol of style. All TRIWA watches and accessories are born in our creative studio in Stockholm, where the city’s stark landscapes, diverse architecture and inquisitive people are the foundation for innovation. Each TRIWA product is a thoughtful juxtaposition of classic silhouettes, Swedish contemporary design and curated materials.


With one eye on fashion, and the other on design, we create the products we want to wear ourselves. We like to think that TRIWA is a movement much like time itself – always evolving, never standing still.

For me it was very interesting to read that after all these years, the friends remained friends and managed to transform their hobby into a serious business. It also gives inspiration to never give up on the aspirations you might have in life, regardless of age and limitations. If you have a strong drive you will get there! That’s the most powerful message I received from the brand movie and the one I thought was worth sharing with you guys.


Some facts about the brand:


Founded: 2007 by four friends (still operational and still friends)

Idea: Transform the industry of watches (TRIWA) through contemporary design, modern distribution and creative marketing

Distribution: 1200 retailers in 20 markets

Office: Studio in central Stockholm which houses a team of 18 people

Portfolio: Watches, watch bands and sunglasses

Design philosophy: We only design what we want to wear ourselves