Let’s start off by letting you guys know that I have been a Samsung Note lover for the past 2 years but now Samsung has launched the Galaxy S6 Edge+,  another big phone and my move was made. The larger version of the first S6 Edge has been born and it was time for me to review it.samsung galaxy edge plus

The first thing many will notice is that the phone is remarkably similar to the earlier model, just with a bigger display and battery. But with one big difference, it’s more visually appealing than the S6 Edge and leads the new direction Samsung is going into.samsung galaxy edge plus instagran

The Design

Where a couple of years ago you would chose Samsung phones for their tech specs rather than their aesthetic appeal, silently thinking of Apple, times have changed for Samsung. They found something unique and visually appealing for their Egde series. The unique, curved sides of the display, which give the Edge its name, is something only Samsung has been able to manufacture at scale, thanks to its massive display manufacturing division.

A feature that on the big edge plus stands out from all the competitors. The big screen makes the phone look even more impressive than it was. Almost everywhere where I show my phone, most people are in awe over the beauty of the phone and being the aesthetics fetishist  that I am, I find this very satisfying.  The phone design just allures prettiness.

samsung galaxy edge plus camera

The Tech specs

On a technical level, the Edge+ hits all of the right marks. Its Samsung Exynos processor and 4GB of RAM ensure fast performance. Its 5.7-inch, quad HD Super AMOLED display is bright and beautiful and stunning to look at. The glass-and-metal construction is top notch, ultra-premium, and feels as good as it looks. The Edge+ even has a great fingerprint scanner that’s fast and accurate. But for me most importantly is the insanely sharp 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization which allows you to take the best shots and videos captured on a phone.

samsung galaxy edge plus 2The Battery

The Edge+ does add more reliable battery life to the company’s phone range. The phone’s  3,000mAh cell is able to last me almost a full day without issues on heavy use., With this I mean listening to Soundcloud, posting multiple times to Instagram and checking Instagram regularly, sending multiple emails and Whatsapping constantly. The only flaw with the phone’s battery is the fact that it is not removable.

However, the battery is wireless rechargeable, something which I think is really neat and I think the future of mobile charging, just think of all the possibilities. Also the fast charger allows you to use your phone for 4 hours on only  10min. charging.When completely drained the phone can be charged completely within a little more than one hour. For the ones always on the go, the manufacturer also will launch some battery cases.

The Software

The Edge+ does have a couple of new software tricks to take advantage of its unique design. Like the shortcuts to favorite contacts, which you can access by swiping in from the side of the screen, have been expanded to include apps, so you can launch any app you want without having to dive back to the home screen. It’s cool and can be useful, but it certainly doesn’t need the screen to be curved to work.samsung galaxy edge plus livestreamSamsung’s also built in live streaming to YouTube direct from the Edge+’s camera app. Making it rather painless to instantly start broadcasting to YouTube. This feature we could try out for ourselves during the Samsung edge plus launch event and even though I didn’t take on the challenge to jump myself, I did get the chance to review the live stream for myself as some of my fellow press members jumped off the hottest hotel in town, the Faraday Crane Hotel.

The flaws

Yes yes, nothing is perfect (yet!) and this is also the case with the edge plus, next to the fact that you can not change the battery, another big flaw of the phone is the lack of expansion via a external card. Something, considering the high price ( a bit over 750 euro’s for the cheapest model) of the phone and the relatively small memory you get for that amount of money, is a shame. I would advise to add this feature on the new series.   samsung galaxy edge plus case

Overall the Edge+ may have head-turning looks and a museum-quality finish, there are still some little things to improve that would make this the perfect phone.  But until that is solved the Edge+ is one of the best buys on the market and puts a smile on my face. Now excuse me while I will stare at the beauty of the phone one more time.


All Photo’s in this article  by Christian Mpamo for MDFS