In the always
exiting world of fashion, rules are sometimes made to break and alter to your
likings. As a true admirer of timeless classics, I am the first in line to draw
inspiration from the past. Yet why go for the usual pick of wardrobe items,  if you can also change it and make a look
completely yours.
That’s why I
went on the hunt for something classic with a unique touch. 
Rules are sometimes
made to broken and altered to your likings. Because a fashion lover like you
and me, or let’s say aspiring style icon, must find those exciting items which
will completely change a boring conventional look into something more exiting
and fashionable. 

That’s why finding the perfect items, in this case the perfect shirt can be quite the challenge. Especially online, where I love to browse through several shops at once to score that perfect item, but sometimes it’s nice to have a place where all my favorite stores come together.
Therefore I couldn’t be happier when I stumbled upon this Blue Kenzo shirt via I often browse through the website to find the collections of several shops at once. I was so happy when my eye caught this hidden gem!
The KENZO abstract panel shirt I’m wearing in this outfit is an underestimated statement shirt. The subtile lines on the concealed front fastening give this shirt it’s designer look. Refers back to the  Asian and Japanese influenced style which KENZO became popular with, mixing oriental influences with European high fashion. The classic collar and the curved hem are a must for me, which make the shirt, with the attention for details worth the investment in my opinion.
The touch of colors of my Ballonet socks gives the look an extra pop, especially with these Karl Lagerfeld statement platform shoes in black. I have been wearing them for way too long now, but we all have that pair of shoes we keep going back to. The combination of all these different elements is what makes this look work for me. The pop of color and print complement each other – this combination makes this look become a synergy of lines.
Wearing: KENZO abstract panel shirt [Shop here] | WEEKDAY Zipper pencil trousers | Ballonet colored Socks | Karl Lagerfeld Platform sneakers