The Aziz Bekkaui show cheered up my fashion heart after it started with a heartbeat. The collection had a fresh more urban feeling, compared to the previous collections of the former winner of the Grand Prix  at the Festival des Jeunes Stylists in Hyères. Aziz decided to show a collection which felt very colorful for winter, but in my opinion it was colorful but not in a bad way. The collection, titled United Hearts Now, had an underling political statement to bring togetherness to society. Accompanied with Palestine flag prints, white sneakers and in the end black face masks, the models were send down the runway as messengers of the United Hearts.  This translation was not only seen in the choice of music, ranging from R&B hits to Asian Manga style music, but also in the outfit details, heart shaped necklaces, embroideries and even heart shaped prints on the items and of course the choice for fabrics, cashmere, wool, leather and glass, was one that felt unifying,  I left the show feeling excited for the FW
2015 season and with the confidence that menswear will be the next great thing in fashion.