Photo by Peter Stigter 
The very
first show for me this fashion week season was the show of FRANCISCO VAN  BENTHUM. The menswear label that is known for
it’s elegant way of prevailing dress codes and restrictions in it’s vision on
menswear, was this time honoring the constructivism – an art form from the
period 1919-1934 in Russia.
The collection
that is titled CON-STRUCT/FW14-15, was opened by loud electronically created
beats, which created a dark, almost violent feel within the Westergasfabriek.

Photo by My Dutch Fashion Style 
With grumpy
looking models, that were send of the runway wearing flip-flops with socks and
a big scarf, the show got a rebellious, almost hooligan like vibe. Which could
be linked to Benthums wish to bring positive attention Russian activists who
oppose the increasing repression of the current regime.
Overall the
collection, in my opinion, can be described as very wearable and well made,
though I sincerely doubt the graphite prints used on the designs, I understand
the choice for it within the concept and atmosphere of the collection which consisted
of strong masculine silhouette, and harsh colors such as white, black and red,
which in combination with fabrics such as a high-tech water-repellent nylon,  used in wax-coat designs and luxurious alpaca
wool used in army like swearers, created the right balance between quality and
sporty, creating a modern street wear feel within the collection.  
I must admit, I was not disappointed by the collection and I really
looking forward to see the next collection. 
Photo by Team Peter Stigter