Let’s talk nightlife. A couple of days ago the first “The cities that never sleep” event
was held in trendy Amsterdam. The events, an initiative from Desperados, are a
series of events during which noisy celebrates the A.M hours of a specific
city.  Highlighting the most relevant
music scenes from each individual city.Next to the successful
‘The Cities That Never Sleep’   event held that night the Video ” A.M.
When the evening turns into the night” video series was also officially launched.

The video series
shows you how individuals, their looks, attitudes and creations transform and
influence the face of a city, following essential individuals who help transform
the regular boring evenings into exciting and fun nights.
As for the premiere
in Amsterdam, I can only conclude that the evening was a big success. With
waiting lines so long it would make most concert jealous, the first edition of
the event can be looked upon as a successful taste of what will follow in other

Here are some very fun party pictures from that night. Photo credits: Noisey