Let’s talk shows.The collection and show realized by 21 individuals from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in the iNDiViDUALS , was quite a remarkable one. Although I liked the collection, I left the show confused and disappointed at the same time. Watching the S/S 14 iNDiViDUALS show by 21 iNDiViDUALS felt quite confusing.

The gathered fashion crowd were places behind crush barriers in the center of the room from which they could view the show, which in theory sounds like an awesome concept, but in reality proofed to be a big disappointment. Like me, a lot of the guests weren’t able to view the collection properly, leaving us behind with a proper view of the hats and vague impressions of the collection.  Which is really a pity. After viewing back the collection online I must admit I quite liked the collection and therefore regretted the choice of presentation even more.I really had respect for the color use in the collection. Even though the color choice is a risky one, menstrual fashion jokes are just around the corner and white isn’t the most surprising summer color ever, but I think they managed to showcase a broad spectrum within a very limited color range.

I also liked the variety of unisex clothes shown in the collection. I praise the fact that several items from the collection were unisex, making it accessible for a broad mass. Also the use of custom composed music for the show and the use of fish leather within the collection are things that should not be left unmentioned.
Photo’s from the iNDiViDUALS website
In conclusion my overall feeling on the show was (as I mentioned in the beginning) confusion. The hard work put in the collection was put down by the confusing show. Resulting into a missed chance to showcase the talents of the young and creative individuals.