Photo’s by Christian

Let’s talk outfits.
As promised I would share with you the outfit I wore to the PUUR PR Bloggers
lunch. Before heading for the event, me and fellow blogger Christian, who was
also kind enough to shoot these lovely pictures for you guys, decided to make
some fast outfit snaps.

Now on to
what I am wearing. The thing I like most about this outfit are my White Brogue
shoes. Although wearing off white seems like a great idea for summer, the rainy
and unpredictable weather of Amsterdam unfortunately doesn’t allow me to wear
these Brogue’s that often.  Thus you can
understand that when I saw the temperature meter hit above 22 degrees and the
sun was shining bright in the sky, I took my chance to style these baby’s into
a colorful dandy look.  I hope you guys
like it!

Firmoo Round Glasses | Vintage Bordeaux Blazer | Vintage Paisley Shirt | WE Fashion Belt | H&M Green Jeans | Tiger Dragon Slayer Bag | WE Fashion white Brogue