The second show I visited on AFW was the FREDFARROWBRITTAVELONTAN Automne Winter 2013 show.The show named ‘Shearing a Bed’ was all about their often ‘naive approach towards colors and their admiration for the imagination.

The collection is characterized by refined luxury with a childlike twist. As they say: “Shearing a Bed ‘stands for a laid-back feeling in couture. The two designers, that were trained in Haute Cuture, used their quirky style to design their own woven fabrics made of Barbour wax.

The designers explored color in all its versatility and worked with the influence of color on form for the collection that for me had a warm feeling. Especially because the designers used natural pigments from their own environment to dye their fabrics. The designers use dyes made from plants, roots and vegetables. The designers even used their own blood as a colorant in place of the usual oxblood. All in name of fashion.

Photo’s provided by M*PR.

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