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The right belt can really make or break an outfit – adding a smart edge or injecting an element of fun. Every man needs five different types of belt in his accessories drawer, so head online to shop for men’s belts to liven up your look on the cheap, including:

1 – The Thin Classic
Everyone needs a classic thin belt in black. Perfect worn with smart trousers for work, evenings out and special occasions, or skinny jeans that have small belt loops, the classic thin is the belt you’re likely to get the most wear out of.

It’s important to keep your look smart with the thin classic. Replace yours regularly if needs be so that it doesn’t ruin your smartest outfits. At ASDA classic thin belts can be picked up for just £4, so you can replace regularly for that box fresh look.

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2 – The Jean Belt
The jean belt is more casual and often looks better with a little wear and tear. If you want to sport the ‘distressed’ look, get creative on your jean belt – bend it to add creases, and even run a knife along the belt to achieve a well-worn casual look. At just a few pounds from George ASDA you don’t have to worry about ruining an expensive buy.
Wear in black or brown with a chunky silver or bronze buckle.

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3 – The Casual Canvas Belt

Why not ring the changes with a casual canvas belt? These look great with khakis, jeans and chinos, especially when worn with casual hoodies and canvas trainers. Canvas belts are also good for wearing with shorts in the summertime, for a relaxed ‘surfer’ look.

4 – The Two for One Reversible
Buying a reversible belt is a good way to get ultimate value for money, and two looks for the price of one. Whether you choose a reversible black/brown belt, or something a little funkier like the Marvel reversible belt at ASDA, this versatile option will save space in your accessories drawer.

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5 – The Fun Belt
While classic belts in black and brown are undoubtedly a wardrobe staple, there are times when you want to sport something a little more showstopping. The abovementioned Marvel reversible best is one such example of a bright, bold and funky belt that’s sure to stop people in their tracks.

Alternatively, add a fun touch by thinking big and bold buckles. At ASDA you’ll find classic black belts with metal buckles in Transformers, Batman and Superman designs for a super-cool touch. Don’t be scared to inject personality into your look with a fun belt on dress down days.

Changing your belt is an easy way to change your look, and with such great value belts available, you can stock up your accessories drawer with a great selection. Browse cheap men’s belts online and choose your favourite ‘top five’, to add personality and style to your outfits.