Time to introduce a brand I recently discovered. The relatively new brand ‘by FoA’, was created by by Karlijn Boersma, an AMFI graduate who afterwards started First of August, an Amsterdam-based creative company. As written on their website:

‘by FoA’ is the first clothing line of First of August. The collection is inspired by Karlijn’s vision on fashion and style.

The ‘by FoA’ items are a subtle blend between elegance and ease. The clothing collection ‘by FoA’ is based on Karlijn’s vision on style. Inspired by her favorite vintage items, simple shapes and colors and cities around the world, she designed a collection with a subtle blend of elegance and ease.’
Fun fact, First of August started out as a blog, created August first, 2010. From that moment on, Karlijn decided she would start sharing her thoughts and inspiration with the world.

Photo’s from www.firstofaugust.com

I remember when I saw the ‘by FoA’ clothing for the first time. It was in the AMFI statement store and I was happily surprised about the quality and timeless elegance of the clothing. Especially the black colbert (that also comes in white) was immediately a favourite of mine. The brand, in my eyes, sits perfectly between Weekday and Filippa providing you quality items for a good price.

The ‘by FoA’ clothing collection is available online and offline at By AMFI.

You can fiend more information about the brand By Foa or the other projects of the First of August on www.firstofaugust.com