Who just
like me was expecting  a very sophisticated,
very womanly show from Miu Miu felt quite disappointed after seeing the show.
After Miu Miu’s 2011 Autumn/Winter show my expectation were high for this
spring summer show. Miuccia herself defended her collection by explaining that
she designed this collection with simple lines in mind and had only 15 days.  15 days were not enough to setup a great collection she showed.  The show started out quite
dark for a summer collection showing us lots of dark colors. Luckily that
changed during the show and we were treated on more color and the use of lace
in the designs.

My dislikes
for the show were the purses which were  clearly
based on the old vintage French glamour bags of the 30’s. I did not hate all of
the bags but the most of them were just not executed well. The Prada based
heels and boots were also a big disappointment although they fitted the
collection perfectly. Don’t get sad right now. There were some promising highlight,
the sophisticated Miu Miu looks were there and the capes with lace on them introduced
a very familiar Miu Miu feel.
Miu Miu
made a very risky collection in my eyes, but I have to give a big thumbs up to
Miuccia for surprising us again. I hope Madame Prada next time will take more
than 15 days  to plan her surprises.